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Please remember that these answers and media will be shared for developers to use to make the games. All game ideas will be used as creative commons, so if you want to keep the game idea for yourself, do not post it! The first name will also be public. Please put a fake name if you would like to keep this private.

The games being made will be very simple games made by a few developers (of different skill levels) over the course of a weekend.

The developers taking part in Games on Demand will do our best to make a game that includes one of the ideas below for as many children as possible. We recommend keeping the purpose of the questionnaire a surprise to share with them once the game is made and to keep the expectation of a simple game.

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What would the hero of your game be named? *
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What sort of things would your hero do? Would they have special powers? *
Is there a villain in the game? What is the villain like? *
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