Calling All Prospective Oregon Lake Watch Volunteers!
Thank you for your interest in OLW! We greatly appreciate you taking the time to answer the questions below (the survey should take less than 10 minutes). The information you provide here will help identify locations for training sessions; gauge your level of experience in order to improve your training experience; and ensure you have the proper equipment.
We will be sending updates by email, so please check that our address ( is in your contact list (this will prevent our emails getting placed in your spam folder).

*** Information regarding your consent to participate in this survey is located at the bottom of the page. ***

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Are you willing to attend one 3-4-hour training session?
This session will cover survey techniques, species identification, safety procedures
If training sessions were to be held in these locations, which could you attend? *
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Would you have a prefer a weekday or weekend training session? *
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What is your current level of experience in identifying aquatic plants and animals?
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What is your current level of experience with water quality sampling?
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How many times a year can you survey? *
Do you have a lake (or lakes) in mind? *
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Do you have the following necessary equipment:
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Preferred method of contact
For most communications, we'll be using email. However, if you don't have adequate internet service or really prefer we contact you another way, please let us know that here.
Have you signed up for your Oregon Lakes Association (OLA) membership?
Free membership with OLA is one of the benefits of becoming a volunteer with Oregon Lake Watch! If you haven't already signed up, please go to
*** Informed Consent ***
You are invited to participate in a research study conducted by Professor Angela Strecker from Portland State University, Department of Environmental Science and Management. The research hopes to learn about water quality and invasive species in Oregon lakes. You were selected as a possible participant in this study because you have volunteered to be part of the Oregon Lake Watch program.

If you decide to participate, you will be asked to answer questions in an online (or mail) survey both prior to and following participation as a volunteer. The pre-participation part of the survey will last approximately 10 minutes, as will the post-participation part of the survey in the fall. While participating in this study, it is possible that you will feel some embarrassment or discomfort, at which point you can opt not to answer specific questions. You may not receive any direct benefit from taking part in this study, but the study may help to increase knowledge which may help others in the future. To encourage participation, you are eligible to become a member of the Oregon Lake Watch program.

Any information that is obtained in connection with this study and that can be linked to you or identify you will be kept private and will not be shared. This information will be kept private by storage at Portland State University in a password-protected computer file. Paper copies will be kept in a locked filing cabinet. Your participation is voluntary. You do not have to take part in this study and you may withdraw from this study at any time.

If you have questions or concerns about your participation in this study, contact Angela Strecker (, 503-725-2427) at PO Box 751, Portland State University, Portland OR 97201. If you have concerns about your rights as a research subject, please contact Human Subjects Research Review Committee, Research and Strategic Partnerships, PO Box 751, Portland State University, Portland OR 97201 (, 1-877-480-4400).

By completing the survey, you will indicate to the researcher that you have read and understand the above information and agree to take part in this study. The researcher will provide you with a copy of this form for your own records.

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