COST EMF-MED Interest in hosting an STSM activity
- This form is not a STSM application. It is only a helping tool (or a starting point) to initiate/facilitate contact between interested STSM applicant and interested hosts.
- This is neither a decisive nor a non-changable STSM proposal. The STSM topic and workplan can be agreed between the host and the applicant, and applied through the standard procedure of STSM applications (following the instructions in the Call).
- This form will not be the subject of any ranking. Only the STSM applications will be ranked, as usual.
- Please fill in the form with as many details as possible. Be accurate. Form will be uploaded in COST EMF-MED website. So avoid using non-publishable material.
- Hosting interest (i.e. the STSM topic and activities) should be targeted; general invitations should be avoided.
Please note that the STSM offer will appear at this page: Please check the page yourself for any errors!
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Please provide name of the laboratory / Unit and the country that will host the STSM activity including the Department/University/Company name
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Laboratory description *
You can write the activities of the laboratory (in short) or provide any other info it is useful for the interested applicant, i.e. web link if applicable (1000 chars)
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Please be as specific as possible. Describe the activities you expect the grantee to undertake or participate in (2000 chars)
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STSM duration/dates/restrictions?
If applicable, please describe hosting restrictions, preferable or possible duration and/or dates for the STSM. If no preferences, leave empty. In any case, all STSMs need to end by April 14, 2018.
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This e-mail can be used to contact the host by the interested applicant.
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