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Number of tables with 8 chairs you would like to rent (can update when you receive RSVP’s):
Each table fit 8 chiars around
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Tablecloth Color
Most colors available
Chair cover Color (white princess, bright pink, light pink, purple, black, red, royal blue)
Includes bows for girl themes
Overlays - in print patterns
red with white dots, pink with white dots, black with white dots, zebra, leopard, red bandana, damask, army, cow, hawaiian, etc...
Tea Party China - $1- 1.50/person (can update when you receive RSVP’s):
Includes tea cups, suacers, 2 teapots per table of 8 - $1 if rented with kids tables and chairs, $1.50 if rented separately
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Centerpieces (can update when you receive RSVP’s):
Currently we only carry for Princess, Tea Party, Frozen and Pirate themes
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Tiered Servers(can update when you receive RSVP’s):
3 levels - for sweet, deserts, sconces, etc
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Spa Party Robes - $5.00/Girl
Includes eye masks, 1 hanging rack, 4 foot basis (when 8+), fashion pail to fill water, wash towels, 2 stools
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