NYUMUNC XI Crisis Analyst Sign-Up
Note that the first All-Staff meeting will be taking place on October 6th at 1pm in Kimmel 914.

Crisis Analyst (CA) is the optimal position for any newcomers to Model UN. In this position, students will participate in research and creating content for different committees. Analysts will work with their respective Chairs and CDs to make sure committee runs smoothly both in the front room and the backroom.

Positions are available on a rolling basis throughout the academic year, until April 1st, 2020.

If you would also like to apply for Chair and/or Crisis Director, fill out this form instead: http://bit.ly/NYUMUNCXIChairCDApp

If you would also like to apply for Logistics Coordinator, additionally fill out this form instead: http://bit.ly/NYUMUNCXILCApp

Find the position descriptions here: http://bit.ly/NYUMUNCPositionDescriptions
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