Part 2: K-1 Grade Testing for Granite School District testing for placement in the Advanced Learning Program for the 2020-2021 school year.
Test are given at the Granite Connection High 501 East 3900 South and/or the District Offices.
There is a $35.00 charge for students who are not currently enrolled in Granite School District.
Please be prepared to bring a check/cash to the testing center. NO CREDIT CARDS
Please note that all enrolled Granite School District students will be placed in the Advanced Learning Center Program before out of district and/or non-enrolled students are placed.
You must present a copy of the birth-certificate.

This sign up is only for out of district students and students who missed testing at their local school. Please contact your local school if you want your student tested for the Advanced Learning Program.

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I want my test results to be considered for placement at what school? Please Note: Your student will be considered for the ALC School in the feeder pattern assigned to each ALC School. If you want your student to be considered for another ALC school they will be placed on the Waiting List until the students in the feeder pattern have been served. If you have a 5th grade student that will be attending 6th grade at a Jr. High next year, they will need to be sign up for Jr. High testing. *
Testing Time/Place: You will be notified before testing: Testing will take place in Room D228 at the District Office. Please do not sign up for the test if you have not completed Test 1. *
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