2019 Camp Avary Returning Staff Application
This application is for counselors who have worked at Camp Avary within the last 5 years (since 2014). If you are new to Camp Avary, or worked before 2014, please complete the 2019 Staff Application:

Thank you for your interest in returning to work at Project Avary's Summer Camp 2019! This application will take approximately 15 minutes and you will have to complete it in one sitting. We ask you to be thoughtful when responding and to be your true self. We want to know about your past camp experiences and what you're looking for this time around.

Project Avary is a unique Bay Area based non-profit that serves children with a parent in prison or jail by offering a year-round program to youth age 8-18. We cultivate a safe place in nature for self-discovery, reflection, and for connecting with the curative powers of the outdoors. This is accomplished through family events, weekend outings, retreats and a sleep-away summer camp that strengthen connections to the Avary community, introduce children to a diversity of experiences and perspectives, build resilience, self-confidence, and develop essential social and life skills. All of our programming is free to the children and families we serve. Our summer camp is the highlight of our program and a very special time for our youth. We offer two one-week camp sessions and the kids enjoy a variety of interactive workshops such as drumming, art, archery, dance, swimming, poetry, athletics, in addition to the very intimate experience of being away from home and sleeping in a cabin with their peers and cabin counselors. It also provides a unique opportunity for our youth to bond with other members of the Avary community who also have a parent who is incarcerated.
2019 Camp Dates:
July 14-16 Mandatory Staff Training
July 17-22 Session A
July 22-23 Staff Intersession
July 24-29 Session B

*All room and board is provided during Staff Training, Intersession and both Camp Sessions.

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