potachi's Painted Portraits
Welcome to my general painted portrait commission form!
General commissions may have a longer turnaround than my monthly specials, but are available all year round!

✨ $80 USD for one portrait, with a special price of $150 USD for matching portraits! ✨
Billed via paypal invoice.

・All species, including humans, are welcome.
・Any expression you'd like!
・No WIPs or revisions.
・No refunds are available for this commission type, so please only commission me if you're serious!

If your commission request is accepted, I will send a paypal invoice. Once your commission is done I will send a high resolution .png to the email you provide below.

Thank you!


Terms of Service *
Paypal email, so that I can invoice you. *
Contact email, so that I can send you the finished piece or ask for additional info. *
Link me to your social media. (twitter, furaffinity, tumblr, etc. Just one is fine!) *
How many characters? *
Please link a reference sheet or a small gallery of your most current & accurate references. (Please separate multiple characters with names.) *
What expression would you like your character to have? (Ex: Serious, Joyful, Angry, Calm) *
You may enter additional information about your character here. Easy to miss markings or outfit details, personality traits, etc. Nothing longer than 1-3 sentences please. (Optional)
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