Acadian Entomological Society - Summer 2020 Meeting - Arthropods Affect Everything (Registration Deadline Extended: Midnight on July 17th)
Please complete this form to register for the Annual Meeting of the Acadian Entomological Society. The meeting will be entirely virtual and will be held through Zoom on Monday, August 10th. We have scheduled in small break-out rooms for social coffee, lunch-time sessions, prizes for the top student talks (at undergraduate, Masters, and PhD levels), and an exciting plenary delivered by Dr. Catherine Scott and Dr. Sean McCann. The meeting will wrap up with a brief AGM and announcement of the student prize winners!

Our theme for the meeting is "Arthropods Affect Everything". While our society focuses on insects, we welcome contributions focusing on other non-insect arthropods (e.g. arachnids, crustaceans) and other invertebrate phyla (e.g. annelids). Our meetings are small, student-centered, inculsive, and supportive - we hope that you'll be able to join us.

Our executive board has recently voted in favour of creating two $100 stipends to support racialized (non-white) students and early career scientists (including post-docs). Any racialized individual who has experienced structural racism or denial of opportunity, is eligible. The stipends will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis. The only responsibilities associated with receiving the bursary are becoming a member of the society and attending the AGM.

These are the first and minimum steps the society is prepared to take in order to acknowledge centuries of systemic discrimination that have affected Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour in our region. We know these stipends are not solutions. They are the first steps in a never-ending path towards inclusion and diversity. We are looking forward to consulting with the membership of the AES at the AGM in order to incorporate these changes, and others into our by-laws. We encourage you to become a member and attend the AGM so that you have a voice in how we move forward. We are willing to listen, learn, and implement policies with the goal of fighting racism in our community. Your voices will not be silenced and we hope that we can provide a community where you feel safe to speak your mind and enjoy your passion for insects with the rest of us. The majority of folks in our society have formal training in STEM, most of us lack formal training in the Humanities. We will, as we have in the past, make mistakes. We commit to acknowledging our mistakes and implementing changes to become a stronger, more inclusive, more supportive, and more diverse scientific society.

Presentation Format: Presentations will be synchronous and delivered by sharing screens on Zoom. Between 10-12 minutes per presentation will be allotted (depending on interest), followed by a quick two minute question period. If you wish to present, you will need a functioning microphone :-). More information will follow.

Registration Cost: $5 Members of AES, $10 Non-Members.
Registration Fees should be paid via PayPal.

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UPDATE: Registration remains open for an additional week, closes July 17 at Midnight.

Registration Closes: July 10th, 2020 at Midnight

Please note, we have a limited number of presentation spaces open. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

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We will be setting up smaller rooms for conversation during lunch. Possible options include: Graduate Studies FAQs, Experiment Troubleshooting. Do you have any suggestions for topics?
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