Learner Change Form
The requested changes will be made to all primary VCA accounts assigned to the learner, parent and PM (Moodle, Power School) Please note that changes may take time to be processed.
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What Learner's Name is affiliated with the account that needs to be changed?
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Which VCA Campus is the learner currently assigned to?
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Which learning path is the learner currently on?
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What is the change you are requesting?
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If Learner is changing HQC or Advisor, please list the current and new HQC (i.e. Marty Troutman; Judy Culp)
If request is to change learners assigned VCA campus, choose one of the following.
Changes have to be approved by the appropriate director. The director will verify there is space available at the requested campus prior to a switch being made.
If primary mentor has changed, please list new name, phone number, address, and whether or not the PM is the guardian of the learner.
If new mailing address, list here.
Include street or box, city, state and zipcode.
If new email address, list here
If phone number change, list OLD number which needs to be removed
Include area code with phone number (xxx) xxx-xxxx
If phone number change, list NEW number which needs to be added.
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Additional information related to change request
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