St. Timothy Parent Questionnaire
This questionnaire is intended to assist the Parish in developing educational programs which fit the needs of parents and children. If possible, parents are encouraged to respond separately. The questionnaire gathers no identifying information.
Birth Year *
Marital Status
Work Schedule
To aid in scheduling potential programs.
Religion of Parents
What is the primary language spoken at home?
Family size
Parent(s) and all children
Children living at home
Children in St. Timothy Religious Education
Reasons for enrolling children in religious education
Check all that apply
When does Religious Education end?
How often do you attend Mass?
Is there an easily accessible Bible in your home?
If you responded "Yes" to the previous question, what Bible do you have?
Example: New American Bible, Revised.
Your answer
Frequency of home scripture reading
Frequency of home prayer?
Frequency of home meditation
Your personal belief in God
Importance of religion in your life
What is your personal source of guidance on right and wrong?
check all that apply
Your belief in absolute standards of right and wrong.
absolute: the same in all situations and not depending on anything else.
Your personal interpretation of Scripture
Would you be interested in
Check all that apply
Do you have any suggestions for programs/services St. Timothy can offer?
Your answer
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