A Tournament for Balance 2020
As long as any of us have more than some of us, there is no balance. Balance can be achieved by breaking down, or by lifting up. We choose to lift up.

The world is dark, and America is in the heart of that darkness. Communities around the country have banded together to protest police violence, racism, and oppression, and have been met with violence, racism, and oppression. In Philadelphia, we've seen peaceful protesters gassed by militant police and quiet neighborhoods menaced by gangs of armed white men. The Philadelphia Old School community has had enough, and we figured we'd help the best way we know how, a webcam Old School tournament for charity:

A Statement on Balance: https://sites.google.com/view/philadelphiaos/articles-reports/statement-on-balance

NOTE: Registration closes 12:01AM 06.19.20 (Friday)

DATE: 20 June 2020
STRUCTURE: Swiss pairings (with a number of rounds determined by registrants)
PARTICIPANT CAP: 128 players
FORMAT: Atlantic 93/94, with the usual EC/American reprint allowances, proxies or playtest cards are allowable, provided they adhere to the normal OS aesthetic (no foils, crazy digital alternate art, etc.)
ENTRY FEE: Minimum $10 (100% of proceeds will be donated to APEDF, a charity operating in Philadelphia supporting the development and institutionalization of programs to defend the human and civil rights of the African community, and to address the grave disparities in education, health, healthcare, and economic development faced by African people.)
DECK PHOTOS: Required, via upload link to be provided
PRIZES: Several Prizes will be announced at a later date.  Thank you in advance to generous donations from our community and local game stores.

On Saturday morning, participants will receive an email providing a link to the meeting room where we will hold a player meeting 15 minutes before the start of Round One and a Google spreadsheet that will show the pairings, standings, and match results.

All participants will be expected to be present in the Player Meeting to go over any logistical changes or challenges and so that the TOs can answer any questions anyone may have.

The first round will begin at 12pm EDT (UTC-4). Each pairing "table" will have an assigned Whereby/Jitsi link. Rounds will be timed (50 minutes). There will be a break/administrative buffer between each round.  We hope to keep these as short as possible; plan for 10 minutes. Starting time for the next round will be posted on the pairings sheet.

NO MATCH DRAWS ALLOWED. Match draws will be settled by a Chaos Orb flip-off, as is our custom. If you do not own a Chaos Orb, use another card from your deck as a stand-in.

Before the event, please make sure that your webcam/mic/other equipment are in working order, that you have a Whereby account, and that you've tested Whereby by joining a room and configured your settings.

Here is the info we need to get you signed up:
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Provide your Whereby room URL below. You must be a registered user on Whereby.com in order to participate in the event. If you don't have a Whereby account yet, please register now, and then enter your Whereby room address here. We will be using some of the players' own Whereby rooms over the course of the event.
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Registration Fee
There is a mandatory minimum $10 registration fee for this event. All proceeds will be donated to APEDF. (apedf.org)

Entry fee must be paid directly to ChampBlankman via PayPal F&F, using this link: https://paypal.me/ChampBlankman/10

Your registration will not be confirmed until the entry fee is paid.
Did you pay the $10 entry fee? *
Follow this link to pay your entry fee: https://paypal.me/ChampBlankman/10
Are you sure you can participate? *
This is a one-day event that will require players to be online and available for the duration spanning 12pm to 8pm EDT on Saturday, June 20th. The event will only run correctly if every player is able to make this same commitment, pay attention to announcements and pairings, arrive promptly to the beginning of each round, etc. There will be a brief 10-15 minute intermission between each round to allow for food preparation, bio breaks, and anything else you may need. Please only complete your registration if you're certain that you are able to commit.
Consent to broadcast *
Feature matches will be broadcast throughout the day on twitch.tv/SupraliminalFilms. By selecting yes, you consent to having a match in which you may be participating broadcast.
Special thanks to DFB for providing the forms, the members of Philly Old School for helping with the organization and running, and the entire OS community around the world for supporting and lifting up in this difficult time.
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