City of Valparaiso Block Party Grants
To encourage neighborhood engagement, the City of Valparaiso is offering Block Party Grants of up to $500 to go towards food, entertainment or other creative ideas that bring neighbors together. Block parties can offer a time to reconnect with neighbors after distancing over the past year and can be a great opportunity to gather ideas for Neighborhood Grant Applications. Neighborhoods are encouraged to host safe and appropriately sized, outdoor gatherings to bring people together. Block Party Grants are available for events hosted between May 15 - September 5 (limit one grant per neighborhood).

Eligible block parties must be organized by neighborhood groups and must be open to all neighbors (while maintaining Porter County Health Department’s gathering guidelines). These grants can be used to reimburse neighborhoods or to pay invoices from vendors directly, determined on a case-by-case basis. The grant application must be submitted before the party. Receipts are required for reimbursement.

Complete this application form to see if your party qualifies for a $500 Block Party Grant!

Questions? Contact Maggie Clifton at or 219-462-1161.
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What neighborhood is hosting the block party? (neighborhood group, HOA or subdivision/street name, define boundaries of who this block party will serve) *
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Have you reviewed our Neighborhood Toolkit for tips on how to host a successful block party? Available at *
Date of Block Party *
Time and duration of block party *
Location of block party: Will it be on the street, in a common area, or at a nearby park? Provide a specific address if possible. Note that Valpo Parks will waive shelter rentals if it's for a block party grant. *
Are you requesting a road closure for the party? *
What is your rain/weather backup plan? *
Please provide a brief description of your plans for the party and how you plan to promote the event to your neighbors? *
Do you want flyers or printed materials to help promote your party? Select yes for more information on this option. *
Do you want to "rent" our Big Neighborhood Idea Chalkboard to gather neighborhood grant ideas during your party? Select yes for more information on this option. Visit our website to learn more about neighborhood grants: *
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$ Grant Requested? Up to $500. *
What do you plan to use the block party grant funds for? Please describe your budget. *
It is acknowledged and understood that the City of Valparaiso is not responsible for injuries or damages resulting from the aforesaid block party, and that the attendees of said block party assume all risks associated with activities conducted at the block party. *
As a result of COVID‐19, the City of Valparaiso strongly encourages your neighborhood to host an event in compliance with the current state and county laws and guidelines related to group gatherings. This may include practicing physical distancing, wearing masks, limiting the number of people in attendance, and instituting additional sanitation protocols. You understand that the hosting neighborhood and those in attendance will be solely responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable COVID‐19 protocols. Neighbors and those other residents in attendance release and hold the City of Valparaiso harmless from any claim related to the transmission of COVID‐19 demonstrated to have occurred at the block party. *
Once you submit this form, Maggie Clifton, Community Engagement Director, will contact you with more information and any follow up questions. You will receive a phone call within 1-2 business days.
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