Accommodations for May 2019 Commencement
Please complete this form to request reserved seating in the accessible seating section or to request impairment related accommodations. This form will close at 4:00pm on the day before commencement.
What is the first and last name of the guest with the impairment? *
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Please describe the guest's impairment? *
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What type of mobility device will the guest be using? (i.e wheelchair, cane, etc.) *
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Will the guest need an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter? *
Number of seats requested in the accessible seating section? (Reserved accessible seating is typically limited and if more than two seats will be needed please contact Student Accessibility and Advocacy at or call us at 610-929-6639) *
Does the guest have any other impairments that we should be aware of/accommodate? *
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Please leave your cell phone number and email below for any future contact. *
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