Survey: TMS maintenance therapy
We are inviting TMS providers to fill in this short questionnaire to assess the interest in a non-pharmacological maintenance therapy solution for your patients. Your individual responses will be treated confidentially. Thank you!

Do you recognize the problem of re-occurrence or relapse in patients suffering from depression once therapy is finished/discontinued? *
Don’t recognize
Fully recognise
Can you provide an estimate on how many of your patients (in %) have relapsed or worsened within 5 years after successful TMS? *
Do you currently have any intervention to delay or prevent a possible relapse without asking patients to come back to your clinic? *
Please state 'No', or elaborate if answer is yes.
With your current knowledge of TES, to what extent do you agree that home-use TES may be a feasible and interesting option for TMS maintenance therapy? *
Don't agree
Fully agree
If proven to be effective in delaying or preventing relapse, would you be interested in offering home-use TES maintenance headsets as a service to your patients?
(assuming patients are either willing to pay privately or insurances are reimbursing the costs)
Not interested
Very interested
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