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BLIND TOURS is a new service at JustRead! It's like a blind date but with books!

Readers: Fill out this "compatibility form" letting us know your preferences in terms of genre, themes, triggers, authors...etc and we match you with a book for review.

🔸 Readers will not know what book it is until they receive it in the mail. We will notify readers if we can match a book with them and to expect a copy. Once matched, readers have at least 45 days to submit a review or post about the book (depending on author/publisher and reader preference).

🔸 All titles are backlist titles at least 12 months before mailing date.

🔸 Currently, BLIND TOURS are only opened to all readers, but majority will be opened to US readers only due to the cost of shipping. All readers paired will receive a print copy of the book.

Please note, JustRead Publicity Tours, LLC only features clean and/or inspirational titles.
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