Request Form for Committee Appointment(s)
Directions to requestors seeking faculty members for committee appointments. Please fill in details below. Some of this information will be used to create a solicitation email to faculty. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for a decision. Direct any questions to the Academic Senate Secretary Mona Alsoraimi-Espiritu at
Name of Committee: *
Tell us the name of the committee that needs faculty to be appointed.
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Short Description of Request/Promotion: *
500 characters maximum! Grab readers' attention. Why should they apply? Sample text: "Want to get more involved in the hiring process? A new MPAROC sub-committee will be formed to review the process for creating the hiring priority list and making recommendations regarding this process."
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Number of Faculty Needed: *
How many faculty appointments are needed to fill this request?
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Date to Fill: *
Date by which the appointees are needed. Note: it takes a minimum of two weeks for the appointment cycle; one for solicitation, and another to render a decision-- if we can't fill it the first week, we may have to send it out again the second week.
Committee Meeting Dates &Times: *
How often, on what day of the week, and at what time does the group meet? Example: The committee meets twice a month on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. OR The committee will meet three times a semester, at a time and date to be determined.
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Committee Charge & Responsibilities: *
3,000 characters maximum! Include a link to a web site with the full text of charge, if more space is needed. Charge and responsibilities may be taken from the governance handbook or committee web site. Sample: Provides direction for the program review, planning, and resources allocation processes for the campus. • Integrates all long-term planning including instructional, facilities, technology, budget, communication, Student Success and other Institutional plans. • Facilitates the development of a faculty and staff-led assessment process of Student Learning and Administrative Outcomes for City College to improve teaching, learning, advising and serving students at the individual, course, program, and institutional level.
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Requestor/Contact Name: *
Last Name, First Name of person making this request, in case we need further details.
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Requestor/Contact Email Address: *
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More details:
Anything you need the Committee on Committees to be aware of when making this decision, like encouraging faculty of certain expertise to apply?
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Which faculty are already on the committee? *
Please type faculty names, departments, and their contract/adjunct status below.
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