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We would love to have you become part of Wickedly Innocent Promotions Auto Sign Up.

By signing up below you agree to be added to all tours that are booked with WIP. But here is the catch - you have multiple options. As tours are booked & created you will automatically be added to that tour and assigned a date to post an excerpt/spotlight. But you have multiple options as follows:

1. Remain on the tour with assigned date & options.
2. Change your date to fit your schedule better.
3. Pick up additional options such as reviews, guest posts, interviews, etc. (as offered)
4. Remove yourself from the particular tour.
5. Top post never required.
6. Posts up by 9:00 AM US-EST (if after this time, its fine! Just email us the link please)
7. Easy Copy & Paste HTML will always be provided.

This is a win win for everyone - you don't have to take the time out of your busy schedule to sign up for every single tour we offer. We don't have to send multiple requests for bloggers to sign up. Authors get tours that are loaded with amazing bloggers and lots of stops. Everyone wins.

We hope that you will agree and sign up today to take part in this.

P.S. If you run multiple blogs please sign up each individual blog separately so we have the information for each one on a separate line on the log. Thank you

Thank you

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You agree by signing up to allow Wickedly Innocent Promotions to add you to all new tours booked. You acknowledge you have options once added to change your date, add additional options or remove yourself from a particular tour and are at no time obligated to participate because you were added but that you will notify us via email if you wish to be removed from a tour, and that if you do not request to be removed (and we do not confirm in writing receiving request) you will have your post up on the date you are scheduled for.
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