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Please fill out the questionnaire, skipping questions that don't apply and then submit. If you haven't already scheduled a consultation you will be be given info on how to do this at the end and after submitting the form.
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What is your name? *
Information About Your Cat(s)
What is the name of the cat that is going outside the litter box? *
Is the cat in question male or female? *
Is the cat who is going outside the box surgically altered (spayed/neutered)? *
On a scale of 1 to 10, approximately how confident or how nervous would you describe the cat in question's general demeanor.  *
Extremely nervous
Extremely confident
Is the cat in question an indoor, or indoor/outdoor cat? *
If the cat is allowed outside, did the problem begin after he/she began going outside?
Clear selection
How many cats do you have? *
If you have other cats, are any of them indoor/outdoor cats? *
If you have other cats, how well does the cat in question get along with the other cat(s)?
Extremely Poorly. There are significant amounts of either fear, stress or aggression or a combination of all the above.
Extremely Well. They are best buddies and do some combination of playing, sleeping and/or grooming together.
Clear selection
If there is more than one cat in the home please describe how they get along. Use names, ages and genders for each cat. Please describe in your own words some typical interactions between them. Include the *worst* interactions and their frequency.
Where did the cat in question come from? *
How old was the cat in question when they came to your home?  *
How old is the cat in question now?
Is there a history of inappropriate elimination prior to coming to your home and if yes, please give known details.
Is the cat urinating, or defecating outside the box, or both? *
With what frequency is the out of box behavior occurring relative to using the box correctly? *
If defecating, please describe the stool.
Clear selection
Do you use an enzyme cleaner where the cat is going like Nature’s Miracle or Anti-Icky Poo? If "No", please describe other cleaning techniques. *
Do you have any dogs? *
If you have a dog, who arrived first, the dog or the cat?
If the cat arrived first, did the inappropriate elimination  start after the arrival of the dog? Include details if applicable.
If there is a dog(s) in the home, how well do they get along with the cat who is going outside the box?
If the cat that is going outside the box was altered (spayed or neutered) how old were they when this was done and how long ago (if known)?
If there are other animals in the home, are they all surgically altered?
Clear selection
Did the cat in question begin going outside the  box prior to being surgically altered (if known)? Describe as needed. *
Information About Your Cat(s) Behavior
Does your cat let you catch them in the act or generally speaking are they doing this while you aren’t observing? *
If your cat is urinating AND you have sometimes caught them in the act which of the following do you observe?
Clear selection
Do you see evidence that they have tried to cover it up, either an upturned carpet, digging or scratching marks, or you see them attempt this?
Clear selection
How long ago did this behavior start? Days/weeks? Months? Years? *
Do you remember the first occurrence? If yes, please describe the details.
Where is the cat going outside the box? Describe all locations as best as possible including location(s) relative to the litter box(s) and distance from same. Use as much space as needed. *
On what type of surface is the cat eliminating?  (Check as many as apply) *
Does soiling occur near an outside door or window? *
Are there neighborhood cats near the home? *
Have you seen other cats near your home? If yes, describe the circumstances.
If urinating, is it on (check all that apply)
Is the cat being harassed or ambushed by another cat or dog at the box? If yes, describe *
Does your cat like to immediately use a freshly cleaned or scooped litter box? *
Does the cat principally or exclusively go outside the box when the home is empty of people? Briefly describe if helpful.
Does the cat go outside the box when one or more people are away overnight or longer? Describe. *
Can you think of anything that changed in the home when this behavior began? Check all that apply. Examples include:
Litter Boxes and Litter
How many boxes do you have? *
What are their approximate dimensions? (H x W x L) and please specify if inches or cm. *
Where is the box(s)  located? *
Are the boxes in enclosed or open areas? Describe. *
What floor(s) of the home are they located on? *
How many floors does the home have?  Please include a basement as a floor. *
Are they covered or uncovered or automatic? (Check all that apply) *
If there is more than one box, does the cat show a preference for one over the other(s)?
Do you use a plastic litter box liner? *
What type of litter do you use? (Choose all that apply) *
If you selected "Other" above, please describe the litter. Include litters you have tried in the past but are no longer using.
How often is the box(s) scooped? *
How often is the box(s) physically cleaned (and refilled with new litter)? *
What do you clean the box with? A strong household cleaner? Anything with ammonia or bleach? Mild dish soap or an enzyme cleaner? Or is it not cleaned separately from scooping? *
Are any litter boxes near objects that create noise or that move, such as washing machines, dishwashers, televisions, stored vacuum cleaners, chiming clocks, exercise equipment, etc.? If yes, describe *
Does your cat display any of these urination patterns? (Check all that apply) *
And Finally....
Is the cat declawed? If yes, at what age was this done?  Were there behavior changes afterwards if applicable (Describe)? *
Have you used any punishment in response to the house-soiling (rubbing nose in the urine or stool, spanking, tapping, squirting water, yelling, stern voice, confinement, or other)? If yes, please describe or answer "No".
Is your cat currently being treated for any medical conditions and if yes, describe *
Was your cat treated for any medical conditions when this behavior began and if yes, describe *
If the cat is urinating outside the box, have they been to a vet to check for medical conditions like UTIs, crystals in the bladder or cystitis (inflamed bladder)? *
Was your cat ever treated for: *
Is there anything else you wish to add?
And finally, is the problem so serious that you are considering, or have considered surrendering your cat?
How did you hear about Stephen and/or *
THANK YOU! Please contact Stephen at to schedule a behavior consult if you haven't already done this. The results will be shared with you along with a behavior plan in a professional consultation which you can schedule.
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