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Graduating Student Survey
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The survey seeks graduating students’ input on the quality of education they received in their program and the level of preparation they had at university. The purpose of this survey is to assess the quality of the academic programs. We seek your help in completing this survey.
A: Excellent B: Very good C: Good D: Fair E: Poor
1- Are the contents/courses of curriculum well aligned with the program title and do they meet program objectives. *
2- Can you apply a suitable problem-solving heuristic to deal with unfamiliar problems? *
3- The program is effective in developing analytical and problem solving skills. *
4- How effective is the program in promoting research methods and experiments to develop data synthesizing abilities? *
5- The program imparts knowledge about modern tools and encourages the use of simulating and modeling software for a better mathematical/visual/graphical understanding of problems. *
6- The program is effective in developing independent thinking and interpersonal skills, both beneficial to society and individual. *
7- Can you comprehend the impact of program solutions in society and environment and recognize the need for sustainable development? *
8- The program is effective in enhancing appreciation of ethical values and importance of responsibilities. *
9- Ability to communicate effectively within the community at large *
10- The program enhanced the ability to communicate effectively with clients and other professionals, both orally and in writing. *
11- The program is effective in enhancing project management skills in multidisciplinary environments. *
12- The program is effective in inducing knowledge and skills necessary to practice professionally at the workplace keeping new advancements and innovations in mind and maintain a work-life balance. *
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Thank you for your cooperation and willingness to complete this survey.
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