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Sign up here for the EVC WaSH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) class.
It's the only WaSH class you'll need for you and your household to prepare for disasters.

Please fill in this form and we will contact you with more information and a class date. You will find the class to be very informative. It is a small group, hands-on and lasts about 3 hours. There is a cost of $99 just for the materials - you get systems for water filtration & disinfection, a handwash system, buckets with labels, and an easy-to-follow handout. The know-how and training is provided by knowledgeable volunteers, free of charge.

Will the cost prevent you from taking the class?
$99 is EVC's cost buying in bulk - as low as we can make the cost for these great materials. However, if you _cannot afford this_ please sign up -- and ALSO SEND an email to stewmartin2@gmail.com and say how much you can afford, or if you can make payments. We have a limited scholarship fund. We in EVC really want to do everything we can to help your household be prepared! (Your identity will be kept strictly confidential.)
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