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The AVARO Project (Applied Virtual Anatomy for Radiation Oncology) is a free online learning resource for applied / radiological anatomy for trainees in Radiation Oncology as well as practitioners who are keen to learn more about radiological anatomy. This resource is created by Tata Medical Center, Kolkata, India. It is funded by the GE Healthcare - Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Education Scholar Grant.
Welcome to this online course in applied and radiological anatomy for radiation oncology trainees. It is called the AVARO (Applied Virtual Anatomy for Radiation Oncology) project. The goal of this project is to provide a learning resource for radiation oncologists to acquaint them to the anatomical structures/ regions that are most important for target delineation.
What does this learning resource offer?
This course/ learning resource is the first online resource of this kind to cater to radiation oncology trainees. Divided into several modules it covers anatomical information on different regions of the body that are of most relevance for target delineation in radiation therapy. This includes explanatory text, images, sections from CT scans and MRs as well as contoured image sets which can be viewed online. Important contouring guidelines are introduced.
Why should you register?
- This course is the first online course of its kind, and has a potential to be widely used if we find it to be effective. You will play a key role in evaluating its effectiveness.
- Participation in this evaluation process will give you access to this interactive learning resource.
- It will also enable to you give us feedback so that we can improve on the course and make it a useful resource for all trainees.
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