Statement of Informed Consent
Emily Karst Julianna Delano
Hanover College, Department of Hanover College, Department of
Psychology Psychology

Description of Research
The purpose of this study is to research facial attractiveness. You will be asked to complete a survey and rate on a scale of 1-10 (1 being least and 10 being most), the attractiveness of head shot photos.

Risks and Benefits of Research
There are no risks involved with participating in this survey. This survey would not cause any more stress than you would experience on an average day. The potential knowledge gained from this research could stimulate and influence further research on attractiveness.

Your name will in no way be connected to your responses. This study is completely anonymous. All records will be kept confidential and no data will not be identifiable.

Other Information
Your participation in this study is completely your choice. You may refuse to take part in the study at any time and you have the right to not complete or answer any questions without consequences. This survey will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. If you have any question or concerns about your rights as a participant that have not been covered by the researchers, you may contact the Institutional Review Board Chair, Dr. Dean Jacks at

Continuing onto the next part of the survey indicates that you have chosen to volunteer to participate in this study, and you have read and fully understand the information above.
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