8 March 2018
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Week 6
The Family App
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Easter Tuesday 3 April is a school holiday.
Cultural Day & Meet the Teacher
Pigs for Calf Club 2018
Calling all PIG LOVERS. We are yet to decide if we will be having a pig competition at this year’s Calf Club. I need all people that are interested in raising a pig to please contact Kylie Sutherland ASAP. It is essential we have numbers soon as we must let the pig breeder know to ensure they are ready in time for Calf Club rearing.
Please let her know by Friday 16 March 2018 by emailing kylie@suthprod.co.nz.
From Home & School
Information for 2017 Y8's w.r.t. Un-enrolling your chromebook
Sports Calendar Term 1
Friday 9 March Franklin Zone Swimming Sports Yr 6 & below
Tuesday 13 March Franklin Zone Swimming Sports Yr 7 & 8
Wednesday 14 March Junior Swimming Demonstration Yr 1-2 starts 1:55pm
Thursday 15 March Franklin Triathlon
Friday 16 March Tuhono Swimming Sports Yr 3-4 starts 11:20am
Thursday 5 April Auckland Champion of Champions Swimming Sports
School Policy Consultation : Home Learning
We are reviewing our home learning policy. We would appreciate your views on this policy.

The policy states :
"The amount of homework given will vary depending on the age of the student. Any homework is done to reinforce what has been taught in the classroom. As parents, you may like to help with homework by encouraging or showing an interest in your child’s school activities. Teachers send home a "homework brief" at the start of the year to assist parents in ways to help their children. Please let the teacher know if homework is too hard, causing stress or cannot be managed at this time."

To access the policy site, please follow the details below:

User : bombay
Password : ourbestalways

Community News : Follow the link below.
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