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Normal shipments of stock solutions contain 100mL (2 50mL tubes), 40 reusable plastic petri dishes, and 50 spatulas. Once the number of students exceeds 150, supplies are doubled to compensate. All solutions (even once diluted) are reusable as long as they are stored in a refrigerator when not in use.
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Carolina Biological Supply will not send planaria over weekends to prevent them from dying while in transit. If you must have planaria on a Monday, then they will have to be sent the week prior and must be stored at room temperature with the jar lids loosened, preferably in a dark room/area. Failing to take these steps may result in the planaria dying or being otherwise unusable for experiments. Overnight shipment is available, however, delivery time cannot always be guaranteed. Generally, we will ship with the intention of having the package arrive by 3pm to ensure that someone can receive, unpack and loosen the jar lids.

Please place orders at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure supplies are available and can be delivered on time.

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