Indigenous Films Subscription Survey
Having made four substantial Native American film and TV projects I know how hard it is to get them to their audience without having large sums of money to spend on marketing. Indigenous film makers all face the same struggle so my desire is to create at least a partial solution.

If we can create a subscription model to get DVD's of the best new Indigenous movies to their audience then we can guarantee some revenue to the producers. Even if we just got 1,000 subscribers it would be a useful mechanism. 5,000 people and above and it would start to make a real difference to the viability of some films.

Last year alone US set Native movies played at major festivals like Sundance, Cannes, Los Angeles and Toronto to great acclaim but don't get the distribution they deserve. We plan to help make that difference and help make Indigenous films more sustainable.

We can deal direct with producers and distributors without needing their rights so aiding their autonomy. Together we just can guarantee them revenue.

So please fill in this survey and add your details if you would be willing to commit to subscribe to receive 3 or 4 quality Native American/Aboriginal/Indigenous feature films each year and let us know what would work for you.

PLEASE only complete if you would follow through on subscribing if we get enough interest so I get a true reflection of how many would come on board if we make this a reality. Once you select the format the survey asks suggested prices on the next page.

Let us know how you would like to receive the films.
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