BSidesTLH 2020 CFP
Hello and thanks for your interest in submitting!
This is the call for papers\speakers for the BSides Tallahassee 2020 conference on April 18th.
Each speaker will be given an additional conference pass to bring a guest to the event.
T-Shirt and lunch is included with each conference pass.
Please understand that speaking is considered voluntary and reimbursements are not provided.
This form is 2 pages. The first focuses on you, the speaker. The second is for presentation info.
The presentation selection committee is taking submissions on a rolling basis ahead of our November 2nd deadline. This means that presentations will be reviewed and assessed as they come in and all speaker slots may be filled before the deadline approaches. If you wish to present, please don't wait to the last minute to ensure we have speaker slots available. Thank you again for your interest and we hope to see you at BSidesTLH 2020!
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I assert that my presentation is my own, and that I own all the appropriate copyrights in order to present this presentation to a general audience. I understand that, while my presentation will most likely be recorded, I retain all copyrights to my work and the BSides Tallahassee team does not make any assertion of ownership over my materials. I understand that BSides conferences, while welcoming to all, do NOT tolerate talks that are geared more towards sales and that, while I may mention my company\service, sales and recruitment CANNOT be the primary focus of my presentation. I understand that a failure to make my talk non-sales focused will result in my talk not being recorded and will result in myself, and possibly my organization, not being invited to return to future conferences. I agree that if my talk is accepted I will do my best to attend the conference as scheduled and will notify the organizers immediately should an issue arise that prevents my presentation so that they may make alternate arrangements. I understand that should I be unable to give my presentation, the conference organizer will select the speaker to replace me and that I may not send a substitute in my place without prior approval.
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Please select if you are presenting by yourself or with others as part of a collaboration.
Speaker\Contact Details
Please complete the following as accurately as possible.
This information will only be used by the presentation selection committee and WILL NOT be shared with any third parties now or in the future.
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Please link any social media accounts that may help us better understand your background (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
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Please give us a short background on you as a speaker including any relevant work history or certifications. If you have a preferred Bio that you would like included in the program\website, please input it here.
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Unisex T-Shirt Size
Every attendee gets a T-Shirt included with their ticket. Please select your T-Shirt size below. The shirt is a standard Unisex T-Shirt which typically runs closer to male sizing guides. If you are selected, we will contact you to get the appropriate size T-Shirt for your included guest's pass.
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