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How many children do you have under the age of 18? *
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Do you consider yourself a first generation college student -- that is, none of the adults responsible for raising you had any experience taking college-level classes? *
Prior to enrolling at NRCC, did you attend another university, college, or community college?  *
Please describe any obstacles or barriers you face as you work toward your educational goals. *
Do you consider yourself a single parent -- that is, are you the only adult in the household available to earn an income AND to care for the children?
How did you hear about NRCC? *
Did you complete a FAFSA for this 23-24 school year? *
Why or why not? *
Do you feel engaged with the NRCC campus community? *
If yes, in what ways?
If no, what would you need from NRCC to feel engaged with the campus community?
Are you aware that NRCC offers non-academic services to our students? Which ones?  *
If yes, how did you become aware of our services?
If no, how could we make our resources more visible to students? 
Are you aware of other parent students who are interested in enrolling at NRCC, but haven't?
If so, what are their barriers to enrolling?
What programs are they interested in? 
Would you be interested in participating in a 1-2 hour in-person focus group on campus to help us get more information about student parents?  *
If no, could you participate in a Zoom-based focus group?  *
Would you like to be contacted in the future regarding student-parent related initiatives and activities?  *
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