Concordia Galápagos Project 2019 - Application Form
The Concordia Galápagos Project (CGP) is a month-long service trip to the Galapagos Islands that entails three weeks of volunteer/research and one week of ecotourism. This trip is exclusively for students enrolled in a Biology major, minor or specialization at Concordia University.

The trip has an estimated maximum cost of $3500CAD where this amount will not be exceeded. This price includes airfare, 4 airport transfers, 3 inter-island movements by boat as well as meals and accommodations during the field work. This price does not include ground transportation costs, day tours and spending money. If grants or subsidies are received, or if costs are less than the estimated amount, excess money will be returned. Payments will be made in three instalments which will be non-refundable once airfare tickets and accommodations have been paid for.

The trip dates will be from mid-May 2019 to mid-June 2019. Precise dates will be determined in February.

The deadline to apply is January 25 2019.

In-person interviews will be conducted once all applications have been received.

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