This questionnaire lasts approximately 15 minutes... is asking too little of your time if you really want to grow your Business!

Choose the options that come closest to reality and truth... There are no right choices or answers, nor a premeditated sequence in the question pool ... always try to be sincere, objective, pragmatic and transparent ... we all win with this attitude!

On page 2 there is the possibility of an additional comment on the first section of questions... you can use this to reinforce answers to certain questions.

It's worth getting to the end of the questionnaire... the questions are really very pertinent!

You will receive in your e-mail a copy of the answers, so please send us a valid e-mail, ok?

Let's go...
Email address *
How have you been selling your solutions? *
What is the profile of the sales team? *
Does it make sense for your business to create a network/reseller model in Portugal and/or internationally? *
How have you been collecting leads and generating traffic so far? *
How long is your sales cycle? (assuming you've already spoken to your prospect for at least 30 minutes) *
Do you have any sales funnel implemented? *
How many business opportunities in your pipeline do you currently have with 50% chance of success in the next 2 months? *
Going out of doors (internationalization)... has it ever happened? *
What is the price of your solution per year? Or how much is a customer worth in a year? *
How many employees do you have in the company? *
How have you financed the bulk of the activity? *
What is the sales target for the next 6 or 12 months? *
What's your annual turnover? *
Does your company evaluate the environmental impact? *
Degree of maturity in your company in the use of processes and systems already implemented, in the relationship with internal and external stakeholders? *
Does your company seek to reduce environmental impact? *
How do you characterize the scope and implementation of IT in your company? *
Does the brand draw economic return from social/environmental responsibility? *
About marketing... *
About digital marketing... *
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