Sarah's Covenant Homes Volunteer Application
We are thrilled that you are interested in coming to serve alongside us! It is our hope that through the application process, we may get to know each other better and begin building a lasting partnership.

Please complete all these questions fully. Once you click submit on this application you should redirect to a page confirming it has been received. If not, please recheck your application for any uncompleted, required questions. All information submitted through this form is strictly confidential and is not shared publicly at all.

IMPORTANT: Please submit your application FOUR TO SIX MONTHS IN ADVANCE of your anticipated arrival date. That should allow enough time for the application to be processed, a reference to be received, India visa to be applied for and secured, the necessary funds raised, and flights to be booked.

Thank you for your interest in Sarah's Covenant Homes! We look forward to receiving your application! Should you have any questions, please email us at
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Note: Volunteers must be at least 18 years old by the time they arrive in India.
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We are so grateful for all the people who comes to serve with us here in India. We are happy to host our volunteers and provide on-going training, lodging accommodations, round-trip travel to/from the airport, and spiritual oversight & accountability to our volunteers during their stay.

We expect for our volunteers to be fully committed to the work we are doing. We ask that those coming to serve with us would partner with us by donating financially (personally or through fundraising for the ministry) as well as giving their time. We are happy to offer advice on fundraising for those anyone who might need assistance.
Preferred Arrival Date *
Are you able and willing to work, study or minister 8-10 hours a day, six days a week? *
(Ministry at SCH is a full-time endeavor. Please keep in mind that these trips are not vacations and will not be treated as such. Sabbath days are once a week.)
(If not, please explain)
Desired Length of Stay *
The 2018 amounts below include lodging, wifi, three Indian meals a day, access to a kitchen, and maid service. They do not include your round-trip flight to India, your India Visa, or airport pick ups and drop offs. Both of those will need to be purchased on your own. (NOTE: 2017 costs will be higher due to inflation and a variety of other factors. We keep these costs as low as we possibly can.) Keep in mind that some costs associated with hosting visitors are the same regardless if one comes for one week or 6 months.
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Spiritual Background
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(If not, please describe your spiritual/religious experience.)
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Please describe your personal spiritual experience, noting major influences on your spiritual growth. *
(List both positive and negative)
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Personal Background
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Please write a vision statement describing your vision for your time of service with Sarah's Covenant Homes. *
Occupational/Educational Background
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Please list any relevant skills and experience you may have:
Missions Background
Have you had any previous missions experience? *
Have you visited India before? *
If yes, please mention details of the trip including with which organization you served
Medical Background
Your information is strictly confidential.
What is your Blood type?
(If it is known)
Please indicate if you have had or do have any of the following:
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Any others not mentioned?
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Are you currently taking an prescription medicine?
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Would you require special housing, diet or other considerations while traveling with us .
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Are you currently seeing, or have you ever seen a psychiatrist?
(If yes, please explain)
Do you have your travel insurance? *
(This is required and is not covered in the ministry donation at this time.)
Pastoral Reference Information
This is required to be filled out in order to process your application. If you go to a large church and don't know the pastor very close, please put your ministry leader's name instead that you serve under or a spiritual mentor. By listing this person, you are giving consent for SCH to contact him/her for a reference. It is our hope that this person will continue to mentor you and check in with you while you serve with us.
Pastor's Full Name
Pastor's Relationship to You
Your Church's Name
Pastor's Email Address *
Pastor's Phone Number
Pastor's Mailing Address
Passport/Visa Information
We will require scanned copies or photographs of both your passport and visa before you arrive in country. Keep in mind that your passport will need to still be good for 6 months after your return to your home country.
By submitting this application, I acknowledge that…

I have filled out this application honestly and to the best of my ability.

Should emergency medical treatment be necessary, I authorize SCH or one of its representatives to act on my behalf and approve appropriate treatment required for my well-being. I understand that SCH genuinely cares about their volunteers and although they will work hard to help me remain healthy and safe, SCH cannot accept financial responsibility for my health or any accidents or medical related emergencies that I may encounter. i.e. that may occur during my time with SCH.

By clicking submit below, I individually and on behalf of my heirs, hereby release and hold harmless SCH, its employees, volunteers, directors, and any sponsors in the event of death, injury, accident, disease, terrorist act, weather condition, inadequate medical supplies or treatment, damage to or loss of my personal property which happens during my time with SCH, or participating in any related activities.

In the event that I refuse to adhere to the rules/policies of SCH during my trip, as outlined in the ICM (SCH's parent ministry) volunteer agreement (separate form), I understand that I may be asked to return home at my own expense.

By clicking submit below, I hereby agree to pay any fees charged to SCH due to damage caused by myself or due to me personally by not following the rules or by not using reasonable discretion.

I agree to pay, personally or through fundraising, the required ministry donation for my time of service. I understand that the amount is due in full before my arrival in India. I understand that any amounts raised through fundraising should go directly to Sarah's Covenant Homes, with an accompanying note saying they are on my behalf.
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