Authentic Jazz with Angélique
The dance : Authentic Jazz/ Solo Jazz
On Mondays, Angélique teaches Authentic Jazz.
This dance is part of the Swing Family from the 20's-40's (like Lindy Hop , Shag, Balboa...), but the dancers are on their own. It's a solo dance, meaning NO partner, no lead, no follow :)
Authentic jazz (performance by international teachers)
The teacher : Angélique
Angélique is from Toulouse, France, where she has taught dance during several years. She is often traveling to workshops and dance events all around Europe. She is now leaving and working in Bern since 2 years. She also dances and teaches Balboa and Lindy hop regularly.
PS : The class will be held in English. Angélique understands German, but feel more comfortable to teach in English.
The classes
Montag : 19h15 - 20h15

Periode I : 14.01 - 18.02 (6 Wochen)
25.02 : Pause/freies Training (5Fr.)
Periode II : 04.03 - 08.04 (6 Wochen)
15.04 : Pause/freies Training (5Fr.)
Periode III : 22.04 - 27.05 (6 Wochen)
03.06 : Pause/freies Training (5Fr.)
10.06 : Pause/freies Training (5Fr.)
Periode IV : 17.06 - 01.07 (3 Wochen)
Ab 02.07 : Sommerpause

Die Preise:
110Fr. pro Periode (90Fr für Studenten)
Ausser für Periode IV (die letzte) : 60Fr

Die Adresse:
L’atelier (bitte klingeln)
Waisenhausplatz 21
3011 Bern

From beginner to intermediate-/advance dancers.

As beginner you will be challenged by the amount of information (new step, technique, rhythm and styling). But don't try to master everything - will be impossible :). Just pick up what you would like to know and focus on it. Angélique will take time to help you where you need and where you want.

As more advanced dancer, Angélique will ask you to control your body, your movements, to understand dancing technique and apply them on the step you maybe already know.

In a nutshell, everybody will get what he/she wants and needs :D

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