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The GEAR UP allows you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and how your strengths can help you achieve success. You start by completing the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The information from this report goes to your coach, who uses it to help you develop a specific plan outlining what you can do to achieve the results that you want. The GEAR UP offers:

- A Personal Impact report based on the results from the Myers Briggs Type Indicator,
- 3 hours with an expert MBTI User and Coach,
- A strengths based approach to achieve success.
- Clearly identified goals to help you succeed over the next 6 months, and
- A recording of the feedback session.

To help you implement your action plan, we offer our coaching programmes. Taking this option allows you to work with a coach over six months to achieve two of your major goals, one from your three-month list and a big audacious goal.


The GEAR UP Programme - Bds$500.00

The Came to Play Coaching Programme - Bds$1,600.00
The Came To Win Coaching Programme - Bds$2,400.00

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