2018 APSIG - Registration Form for Coordinators and SIG Delegates
If you have not decided on the travel schedule, you may let us know of the travel schedule, preferably by 2018-06-09 when your final presentation material is due.
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8. Travel Schedule
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8.4 Are you staying at the AIT Conference Center where 2018 APSIG is held during your stay?
(APSIG will pay up to 5 nights)
8.5 Do you want to upgrade your room to a single room by paying USD15 per day additionally?
9. Agreement of Copyright: Creative Commons License (BY-SA 4.0)
We will record all the lectures and sessions and post them to YouTube for public access. All the documents ans materials you will generate in 2018 APSIG may also be shared in public under Creative Commons Liscense (BY-SA 4.0).
Please choose you preference. *
These arrangement encourage local and regional SIGs and IGFs to develop their courses. Please refer to the following page on the Creative Commons License (BY-SA 4.0): http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/
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