The Giver - Chapter 2 Questions
Please answer these questions after you read Chapter 2 of The Giver.
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1. What is unusual about the children who are the same age in the community? How many children of each age are there? When do the children "age" a year older? *
2. What rule does Father break to try to help the newchild in his care? *
3. What rule in the community is almost always broken without any consequence? *
4. What happens during the Ceremony of One? *
5. What happens during the Ceremony of Twelve? *
6. How do the Elders decide which Assignment to give each Twelve? *
7. How does Mother say life will change for Jonas after he receives his Assignment? What will happen to his friend group, and knowing his age? *
8. What is a comfort object? When is it given to a child, and when is it taken away? *
9. How does Jonas feel after his private talk with his parents? *
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