Sponsoring a Student
Filling out this survey will help the American Landscape Institute (ALI) identify companies interested in sponsoring a an employee or a student in 2020

ALI will help students match with participating companies. Students must go through each companies's interview process. If he/she is hired, the student will work for your company during the summer of 2020. (some students might be able to start in the spring). In September 2020, students will attend all day classes every Friday, at the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC), for 2 years. The classes are held at the CCBC Hunt Valley campus.
Students might also attend field trips/workshops 1 Saturday each semester, depending upon the class.The student will earn 39 college credits and a 2 Year Certificate in Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance from CCBC, while gaining valuable on-the-job training at your company. Participating companies pay an 80% scholarship towards the student's tuition, the student pays 20%.The total cost to sponsor a student is approx. $950-1,000 per semester, for 7 semesters.
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