Sponsoring a Student
Filling out this survey will help the American Landscape Institute (ALI) identify companies interested in sponsoring a an employee or a student in 2021

ALI will help students match with participating companies. Students must go through each companies' interview process. If he/she is hired, the student will work for your company during the spring/summer of 2021. In September 2021, students will attend all day classes every Friday, at the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC), for 2 years. The classes are held at the CCBC Dundalk campus.
Students might also attend field trips/workshops 1 Saturday each semester, depending upon the class.The student will earn 39 college credits and a 2 Year Certificate in Landscape Installation, Maintenance and Design from CCBC, while gaining valuable on-the-job training at your company. Participating companies pay an 80% scholarship towards the student's tuition, the student pays 20%.The total cost to sponsor a student is approx. $950 per semester, for 7 semesters.
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