2018-2019 MAC Launch XXII Application
Welcome to Reach For The Stars (RFTS) MAC Launch XXII. We have moved our application process online. If you or your family feel you cannot complete the application online for any reason, please email applications@reachuplink.org and we can send you a paper application.

The purposes of this application are, first, to ensure that the selection process to attend Space Camp, Space Academy, or Advanced Academy is done fairly. Secondly, the applications give each applicant the opportunity to express their reasons for wanting to attend Space Camp, Space Academy, or Advanced Academy.

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This application and the two Teacher Recommendations are due Friday, September 28th, 2018
If you have not yet completed the 2018-19 MAC Launch XXII Participant Info form, please do so now at this URL: http://reachuplink.org/participant.

There are four steps that will need to be completed by students to successfully apply for MAC Launch XXII.

1. A presentation or essay, completely prepared by the student, titled "Why I Want To Go To Space Camp".
2. An essay on one of the subjects supplied in the application process.
3. Two teacher recommendations. You will need the email addresses of the teachers that will be writing recommendations for you.
4. Your parent or guardian signature on the Parent Agreement.

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