Elementary Math Curriculum Parent Survey
As part of our K-6 math curriculum evaluation process, we are collecting insights from parents about math instruction. Thank you for contributing to our evaluation by taking the time to answer the following questions.

Please note that this survey has been created for input based on an individual child at a specific grade level. If you have more than one child, and if your answers differ depending on grade level, please feel free to fill out a separate survey for each of your children.

Thank you!

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My child feels successful in math.
My child has a strong mathematical background.
My child can complete math homework (other than games) independently.
My child can complete homework assignments in other subject areas independently.
My child completes his/her math homework in a reasonable amount of time.
I have enough understanding of the Go Math program to assist my child with his/her math homework.
The school provides me with the necessary reference materials to assist my child with his/her homework.
The school provides enough opportunities for parent education in math.
Based upon your answer to the last question, how would you like additional information to be shared? *
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