Aether: Finding Eternity
A warm welcome from our team! Thank you for taking the time to register for Welcoming Youth this year :D
Our theme for this year is
It is formerly believed by people in the past to be the 5th element on top of earth fire water and air. It is believed by the people in the past to be the substance that made up the heavenly bodies. In other words - it is STAR STUFF! People believe that aether has quintessence properties (eternal, static, and never changing). In this mission, we are to find our eternal home after our Earth was destroyed.

Location: NSRCC (National Service Resort and Country Club)
Time: 10am to 8pm (approximately)
Meeting Point: Tanah Merah MRT @9: 45 am
Speaker: GI Fernandes Lim

Do note that the registration fee is $10 per person (it will cover both lunch and dinner, an exclusive event T-shirt as well as goodie bag ;) )
Hope to see you there!

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