2021 RFM Additional Product Application Form
Every RFM vendor is approved to sell products that fall into one or more product categories (e.g., produce, baking, meat, etc.) Only approved products may be sold at the market.

Vendors wishing to sell a new product that falls OUTSIDE their approved product category must submit the following:

- This form, completed.
- Sample of product, packaged and labeled as it will be sold at market.

NOTE: samples of products submitted without complete packaging/labeling and/or without the application form will not be considered.

Vendors are strongly encouraged to plan their market season in advance and, if at all possible, submit their Additional Product Applications between the months of October and April.

Applications for prepared food items require approval by the Saskatchewan Health Authority Inspector before they can be sold at market.

If the vendor’s application/sample is complete, the decision-making process generally takes approximately two weeks.

Vendors will be notified of the decision via email. Feedback on sample(s) may be shared with the vendor.

Questions related to adding new products should be directed to adrea@reginafarmersmarket.ca.

Thank you!

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Vendor name *
Additional Product List *
Please list ALL your proposed new products. For prepared food items, please provide the following information for each item: complete ingredients; preparation (e.g., baked, raw, etc.); how you plan to sell it (e.g., fresh, frozen, etc.); how you plan to store it at market (e.g., cooler, fridge, freezer, on table, etc.). Please also make note of any equipment that you will supply at market to keep food safe. This information is required for Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region approval. It is considered confidential and is only shared with the RQHR Health Inspector.
Processing details *
All prepared foods must be approved by the RQHR before being sold at market, and prepared food items that are considered to be "high risk" (e.g., those including meat, dairy, and other potentially hazardous ingredients) must be prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen. Please tell us what kind of kitchen you will be cooking in (home or commercial), the name of the business (if applicable), its address, whether it is licensed, and by whom.
How do these additional products relate to your business development and goals? *
Please explain why you wish to expand your product line outside of your approved product category. How does this relate to your future plans or goals?
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