Membership Application for Association of Mainland Southeast Asia Scholars (AMSEAS)
By completing this form, I apply to become an associate member of ASSOCIATION OF MAINLAND SOUTHEAST ASIA SCHOLARS (AMSEAS), affiliated with the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA) and incorporated as an association in the State of Victoria, registration number A00100920C.

I have access to a copy of the AMSEAS Constitution and agree to comply with the Rules and policies of the Institute. I support the purpose of the Association as listed in the Strategic Statement and reproduced below:

"The Association of Mainland Southeast Asian Scholars (AMSEAS) is a sub-regionally focused academic association affiliated with the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA).

AMSEAS seeks to contribute to and expand the work of ASAA by providing new opportunities for the advancement of research relevant to Mainland Southeast Asia. Recognising the benefits of adopting a multidisciplinary approach and encouraging dialogue between scholars of the individual countries, we promote and support the study of Mainland Southeast Asia in Australian and New Zealand universities, as well as working to enhance public knowledge of the region."

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