[Achievement Celebration Form] Perpetual Fitness
At Perpetual Fitness we value celebrating achievements inside and outside of the gym. Please let us know what you have accomplished this month and what you're looking forward to! If you feel comfortable sharing, we want to tell everyone in our next newsletter!

You don't have to answer all of these questions. Just pick and choose the ones you want to answer!

Your Name :) *
What was your biggest WIN this month? (i.e. A job promotion, achieved a big goal, scheduled your next vacation, etc.) What is it and why are you so excited about accomplishing it?
Did you set any PRs in the gym this month? What were they? How did you feel when you set your new PR? (Personal Record)
Do you have a birthday coming up? If so, tell us when it is and let's celebrate!
Do you have an Anniversary coming up? (Marriage, work, etc.) Tell us when and why you're excited about it!
Are there any pictures of a moment of accomplishment that you'd like to share with us? Feel free to upload it here!
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