Registration - Community Makeathon
DEADLINE: February 11th, 11:59pm

You want to build a better MIT community? You've come to the right makeathon. Welcome! You will have the opportunity to discuss your ideas with admins, staff, and faculty - and together, make MIT a better place for everyone.

Space is limited (literally), so we'll host a lottery if there are more applications than space.

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Any problem spaces that stand out to you?
E.g. mental health, housing shortage, community spaces, maker spaces. We'll let the mentors know so they can tailor their support.
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If you're on a team, what's your team name?
Make up something, anything, as long as all members on your team enter the same thing (this is just used to keep teams together for the lottery). ALSO It's totally fine to leave this blank if you're applying individually - you'll have a chance to meet people at the event.
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What speaks to you about the MIT community?
Being a part of it, what do you admire about it? What do you feel needs changing? (optional, in case you have feels)
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Dietary restrictions? Accomodations?
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