Listening to YOU survey
Being a good MP requires having a strong two-way relationship with constituents. It is important for me to know how you feel about the issues affecting Telford.

The below survey has several questions on issues that have come across my desk in recent weeks.

All responses received are valued and will be treated in complete confidence.
1) Regarding Future Fit's decision to recommend the relocation of the Women and Children's Centre from the PRH to the RSH are you? *
Please select the option below that best fits your opinion
2) Regarding A&E provision there should be?
Clear selection
3) Do you have a faith in the Future Fit process? *
4) Do you think by the time Future Fit is completed that Telford and Shropshire will have... *
5) Are you concerned about the number of school places in your local area? *
Please select the option below that best fits your opinion
6) Are you worried about levels of crime in Telford? *
Please select the option below that best fits your opinion. If you wish to report anything to the police please call 999 or 101 in a non-emergency.
7) My Council tax is... *
Please select the option below that best fits your opinion
8) Overall I find local council services to be... *
9) How do you find getting an appointment at your GP surgery? *
10) Development in Telford is... *
Any other comments?
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