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Trikone Chicago, Inc. is a non-profit that strives to provide a supportive, empowering,
and affirming community for queer South Asians in the Chicagoland area. Trikone
Chicago serves to create a social, supportive, educational, and political space for queer
South Asians and their family, friends, allies, and community. The broadly defined term
"queer" is inclusive of (but not limited to) those individuals who identify as lesbian, gay,
bisexual, asexual, transgender, queer, hijra, kothi, meti, MSM, WSW, and questioning.
By "South Asian" we refer to those who trace their ethnic and cultural heritage to the
areas currently known as Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan,
Nepal, and the Maldives.
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Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Trikone Chicago. We are excited that you want to support the queer South Asian community in Chicago. Please complete the form below. After we receive your application, we will contact you about volunteer opportunities as they arise.
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All volunteers for Trikone Chicago make a commitment to supporting anti-racistwork and anti-queerphobia in some capacity. Is this something you can commit to? *
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