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Please contact rental office for instructions on paying $20.00 rental application fee.
A separate application is required for each resident over the age of 18.
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The applicant has deposited an APPLICATION DEPOSIT in consideration for the Owner/Landlord taking the unit off the market while consideration approval of this application. This is preliminary only, and does not obligate the Owner/Landlord to execute a lease or deliver possession of the unit. Possession of the above described premises will not be given to the Applicant until the following have been completed: 1. Application has been thoroughly checked and verified. 2. Full approval has been given from the Owner/Landlord. 3. All monies due are paid in full (security deposit, pet fees if applicable, rent, etc.). 4. All utility transfers are completed. Any exception must be made in writing and listed below. The Owner/Landlord will either accept or reject this application within three (3) business days from the application date. Inability to verify information may result in application rejection. In the event that the application is approved and the prospective tenant fails to pay the remaining security deposit, applicable pet fees, and written rental agreement (lease) within five (5) business days after application approval, the said deposit will be forfeited to the Owner/Landlord as liquidated damages. The only exception will be if written special arrangements are noted below or if the leasing process is being completed through the mail. Any false information furnished on this application will result in application denial. In the event the applicant is accepted, signs lease contract, and defaults on contract, applicant agrees to allow information above to be used again in the attempt to collect rent and charges legally due the landlord. By signing this application, the applicant hereby authorizes Owner/Owner's Agent to verify all information herein, including but not limited to a police records check, credit check, which includes obtaining a credit report and interviewing applicant's references and/or previous landlords. The applicant hereby consents to the credit check process and authorizes any individual listed in the application to speak with Owner/Owner's Agent regarding applicant's present or previous credit performance. Applicant further releases any and all individuals who provide information to Owner/Owner's Agent from any and all claims which applicant may have resulting from information provided to Owner/Owner's Agent. The application also authorizes release of information based upon reliance upon either photocopies or facsimiles of this authorization. I understand fully what has been stated in the above paragraphs, and hereby waive any claim for damages by reason of non-acceptance of this application or failure to enter into a lease agreement. I understand that if the application is approved and I change my mind and choose not to take the house, apartment, condo, or duplex, that my application monies are forfeited. *
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