The Modern Village Project: An Exploration of Maternal Wellness in America
The Modern Village Project is a community building, visual storytelling project that exists to support, encourage and empower mamas in their community building efforts facilitated by Michelle Craig. Michelle is a professional photographer, full-time nomad, and single mother. She is traveling the U.S. and connecting with mothers and children along the way to discuss the need for community and examining the challenges we face along the way. Groups that gather to actively participate in The Modern Village Project spend much of the day in nature, practicing self care and building community, while Michelle photographs everything as it unfolds.

The purpose of this project and survey is twofold, this information is meant to build a collection of stories and imagery that inspire and empower mamas along the way, especially those who are feeling challenged in their community building efforts.

Thank you so much for participating and helping us make this project become a reality!

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Do you consider yourself an active part of a community? *
In your experience, how important is community in raising children? *
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Through what period or phase of motherhood did you most need support from your community? *
Have there been other times when your community helped you through a trying period (i.e. divorce, loss in the family, major transitions or disturbances, etc). If you felt isolated during those times, how could community have helped?Please take your time and explain in detail! *
Did you experience antenatal (during pregnancy) or postpartum (after pregnancy) depression but feel uncomfortable discussing this with your support network, family, and/or healthcare provider. *
Do you think your pregnancy, birthing, and / or postpartum experience impacted your long-term wellness (3+ years beyond)? *
What 3 emotions do you most associate with motherhood? *
How often do you actively practice or participate in what you consider to be self-care? *
What advantages and disadvantages do you think modern mothers uniquely face in building community? Please explain. *
In what ways has community been a positive force in your life? Do you have an example or story you'd be willing to share? Please explain in detail. *
What advice do you have for women who are feeling isolated or experiencing a lack of village in their lives? *
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Do you plan to attend / have you already attended an in-person Modern Village Workshop? *
Is there anything else you'd like to add that you think would be important to the survey/project? Feel free to elaborate to whatever extent necessary!
Would you be willing to be interviewed by Michelle in relation to any of your long answers? *
Michelle will be sharing stories from these questionnaires to accompany the workshop imagery she accumulates. Quotes taken will be used to encourage and empower mothers to communicate freely, reach out to community, and practice self care. ****NOTE**** If you would like Michelle to credit your name to your responses (and photos if you are participating in the in-person workshop component) or if you are interested in pursuing a more in-depth discussion regarding your responses, PLEASE type your full name, email address, and social media information below. Otherwise, information gained from this questionnaire will remain anonymous. *
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