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Glyco-Age 30ml
Controlled epidermal exfoliation. Improves skin hydration and reduces open pores.
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Mandelage 30ml
Treats moderate skin aging and superficial pigmentations.
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Skin Recovery 30ml
Effective product to normalize acne and oily skin conditions.
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T.C Age 30ml
Intense activity on signs of mild to moderate skin aging. Powerful reparative dermal care.
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MCA 35 5*5ml
Powerful cutaneous biorevitalization with intense action on signs of ageing and expression lines.
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Bio C 5+5*2ml
Prevents premature skin aging, provides luminosity and evens the skin tone.
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Lightening 15gr
Powerful synergistic action on moderate photoageing, fine lines associated with mild epidermal pigmentations.
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Ultimate Eye Corrector 2*10gr
Visible improvement of the signs of pphotoaging in the periorbital area.
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Neutralizer 100ml
Regulates and controls the penetration of facial active ingredients.
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Degreasing Solution 100ml
Cleaning and asepsis of the skin.
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Redness 30ml
Soft chemical exfoliation for sensitive and redness-prone skin.
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