Pet Waste Survey
PHG is beginning a new pet waste campaign with the pilot program being implemented in the Elkridge community. As of right now, we are in the planning stages and need your help! Before we begin any implementation we need to have a better understanding of how Elkridge dog owners currently deal with dog waste and their perspective on this topic.

If you live in Elkridge and own a dog (or live outside of Ekridge but bring your dog to this area), please fill out this quick, 5-minute survey. It is completely confidential, unless you are interested in more information and provide your email, and will help us plan for the most effective pet waste campaign in the future. Thank you for your time and help!

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Are you an Elkridge resident with a dog or do you walk your dog in Elkridge? *
Not everyone picks up their dog's waste, especially in their own yard. What about you? Typically, do you pick up the dog waste from your back yard... *
When you do pick up your dog waste, where do you put it?
If you do not pick up after your dog in your backyard on a regular basis, what is the main reason why?
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What is the main reason you do/would want to pick up after your pet in the backyard?
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How about outside of your own yard? When you take your dog for walks, do you pick up your dog's waste.... *
When you pick up your dog's waste on walks, where do you put it?
If you are not always able to pick up after your dog on walks, what is the main reason why?
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What is the main reason you do/ would want to pick up after your dog when on walks?
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Do you think disposing of your dog's waste in the trash can would make a big difference, a little difference, or no difference in cleaning up our local waters? *
Tell us a little bit about why you think it would make a big, little, or no difference, according to how you answered in the previous question:
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Which of these do you tend to rely on fairly regularly for local news and events? *
Just to classify the survey, what is your age? *
If you are interested in receiving more general information regarding the pet waste campaign as it is planned, please provide your email here:
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