Permission Form B: Costumes, Props, & Microphones
Parents, please complete this survey so your actor or technician can be cleared to use/handle props, costumes, or microphones for this production. Email me with any questions.
What is your name & relation to the HHS student? *
What is your child's name? *
(Please check all that apply) My child is... *
For costumes, I would like my child to... *
If my child selects the Costume Lease/Rental from Heritage... *
My child has the following allergies to fabrics. (Please be specific or write "none".) *
For microphone and headset use/handling, I would... *
For gloves, my child will... *
If a scenario arises where hand sanitizer is needed, my child will... *
By typing my full name below: I promise that I will double check with my child EACH and EVERY day before rehearsal/production days to see if they are exhibiting any symptoms and go through the COVID-19 Prevention Daily Questionnaire checklist. If they can answer YES to any of the questions, I will keep them home. If they are symptomatic in the middle of rehearsal, I will leave to get them as soon as I can (if they cannot drive themselves home). I understand and know that the staff and volunteers are doing the best they can to promote a safe environment at all times. I acknowledge all of the precautions being taken, but also know the risks involved. Given the parameters outlined above for costumes, props and microphones, I am willing to allow my child to participate in this theatre production. (Please type your full name below). *
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